About me

Welcome to my chaotic bookish abyss. Don’t worry, this version of the abyss is less about menacingly staring into your soul and more about trying to fish for the right word in the endless void of the thesaurus.

My name is Andrea and I’ve always been a little book goblin. Reading and writing are a part of me even on days I am not very sure of myself. This blog is a way for me to beat those bad days. Hopefully, I also gain some confidence in my writing and even refine my reading taste.

My favorite books genres are fantasy, horror and thriller/mystery, be it YA or adult. Though, I would love to dabble into some literary fiction and romance at some point. I will try to post one review a week. The reviews I post contain my own opinions and analysis of the novels read, including my own rating system.

I hope you enjoy your stay in this tiny corner of the internet.